PlusOne English Grade 2 learner’s Book (New Curriculum)

Author: Easther Mushaninga
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We have the pleasure to offer you a brand-new collection of textbooks for the New Curriculum.
These textbooks have been written by a team of experts and supported by experienced educators,
advised by inspectors and mentors from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
We have done our best to ensure that children undergo a pleasant learning experience. We have
taken care to align the textbooks with very clearly defined learning outcomes and objectives set
for the subject.
This present textbook provides clear indications of the diverse skills that children should master
at each stage. We would request teachers to use the techniques and pedagogical approaches
suggested in the teacher’s manual so that children make optimal use of the textbook and materials
Key features of the book;
The Grade 2 English textbook aims to make your experience of learning English fun and successful.
Considering the learner’s current level of proficiency in English, it proposes a set of activities that
will develop skills and knowledge that will serve as foundation for further learning of the language
• Vocabulary building – you will learn simple vocabulary on different themes.
• Grammar – you will learn basic grammar so that you can produce simple utterances.
• Little writers – you will learn to write words and simple sentences.
• Creative fingers – you will carry out creative activities related to the theme of each unit.
• Sound it out – you will learn the sounds that letters produce. This will help you to read
simple words.
• ICT activities – you will play ICT games to reinforce language learning.
• Poems – you will learn in a fun way by reciting poems


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